Tim Arnold

Tim grew up in poverty with his single mother and two brothers in a dangerous neighborhood in Cincinnati. By age 11, he was selling drugs and guns for cash just to make ends meet. As a juvenile, he got 27 convictions. By his early twenties, he had spent several years in prison.

Things changed for Tim when he got his first job doing construction. He had never had a job before and took every opportunity to learn from his co-workers and supervisors. After a year there, he had earned enough to enroll in real estate school on the weekends. Once he sold his first house, he realized houses could earn more than drugs. Around this time, Tim met Dewayne, a 17 year old hanging around a gas station asking for change. Tim saw himself in Dewayne. He decided to take him on to help with landscaping at one of his properties. After working together for 2 years, Tim started Lawn Life, a non-profit that has employed over 683 young men and women and given them on-the-job training and life skills that have allowed them to begin careers.